Guide für VMware ESX 3.0.x Service Console


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RTFM Education hat wie bereits schon zu früheren Versionen einen hilfreichen Guide zu VMware ESX 3.0.x veröffentlicht. Dieser richtet sich an Administratoren welche sich bereits mit VMware ESX auskennen und nun tiefere Kenntnisse der command-line Tools erarbeiten möchten.


This guide is designed for people who already know ESX 3.x and VC 2.x quite well. Although it starts as a beginners guide initially, it pretty rapidly starts to assume very good knowledge of the system. I would recommend you get to grips with the GUI first, and feel comfortable with Vi-3 before attempting this guide. That said – you might be wanting to carry out a discrete procedure from the command-line. So feel free to dip in – find what your looking for and then – dip out again!

It is not a comprehensive guide to ALL the commands – just the primary ones. I hope to make this guide gradually more comprehensive, and cover all new commands that useful. I’ve deliberately not covered every single esxcfg command – because not all of them are terrifically useful…


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Michel Luescher is a solution architect in the worldwide Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Center of Excellence (CoE) at Microsoft Corporation based out of Zurich, Switzerland. Primarily, Michel is focused on hybrid cloud solutions (Hyper-V, System Center and Microsoft Azure). In addition Michel is speaker, blogger and author of several books.

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