Exchange Server 2003 Performance mit VMware ESX Server


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VMware hat ein Whitepaper veröffentlich, wie Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 mit VMware ESX Server 3.0.x virtualisiert werden mit entsprechenden Performance Angaben.


Deploying Microsoft Exchange within virtual machines without knowing what performance to expect can make IT departments apprehensive. In this paper we have shown that a single uniprocessor Exchange 2003 instance running within a virtual machine on ESX Server 3.0.1 can comfortably support up to 1,300 Exchange users, and with four uniprocessor instances (or two SMP instances) this can be scaled to 4,000 Exchange users.

Exchange running on multiple uniprocessor virtual machines or half as many dual processor virtual machines shows insignificant performance differences. We thus recommend that the Windows and Exchange licensing costs, ease of management, and corporate standards should guide your configuration in this regard.

This paper also demonstrated the manageable overhead due to virtualization of an Exchange environment. A survey of the industry’s physical Exchange deployments in production revealed CPU underutilization, with an average peak load of about 16%. In the average and moderately more utilized Exchange deployments ample resources for virtualization overhead remain. With VMware virtualization providing features to reduce maintenance costs and eliminate downtime, a compelling case for virtualizing Exchange can be made.


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