Error “[strings] section is too long” beim editieren einer Group Policy


Beim editieren oder anschauen eine Group Policy mit dem Group Policy Editor (GPE) kann es vorkommen, dass nachfolgende Fehlermeldung beim Lesen eines ADM-Template erscheint:

The following entry in the [strings] section is too long and has been truncated.

Im KB 842933 beschreibt Microsoft die Ursache für dieses Problem:

This problem occurs because older versions of the Group Policy editor cannot interpret some string types that include more than 255 characters. These string types are included in parts of .adm files that are meant to be excluded by the “IF VERSION” construct.

Typically, the problem occurs when you try to view or modify a GPO that has been viewed by a different workstation, and that workstation contains .adm files that use the “IF VERSION >=5” construct. When an administrative workstation views a GPO, the workstation automatically updates that GPO with the latest version of the .adm files. If the workstation’s .adm files are newer than the files that are contained in the Adm folder of the domain GPO, the template files are updated. If the template files contain the “IF VERSION >=5” construct, when an administrative workstation tries to modify or to view the GPO, and the workstation does not have this hotfix installed, the errors occur.

Mit dem Hotfix von Microsoft aus dem genannten KB kann dieses Problem ganz einfach behoben werden.

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