The Exchange Server 2007 Autodiscover Song


Wieso nicht mal einen Song über Exchange Server schreiben? Das hat sich auch David Sterling, Senior Software Development Engineer bei Microsoft, gedacht:

I didn’t think much of it, but after discussing the idea with some other team members, it was decided that I should record and master it and make it available to the Exchange development community.

Der “Autodiscover Song” kann beim Exchange Team Blog heruntergeladen werden. Zum Download… Der Songtext sieht übrigens wie folgt aus:

>> Autodiscover,
>> there is no other
>> way to decide,
>> where your mailbox is stored.
>> Autodiscover,
>> your sister and brother
>> Exchange Admin and mother
>> will be proud if you do

You may be tempted to wing it
use a hardcoded value submit
but performance will suffer
when you’re left to your druthers
should have Autodiscovered
then all would be well.

>> Again Chorus

Call it once for each mailbox of interest
pair the link and mailbox for each request
if you encounter errors
rRefresh once again
for more information search M-S-D-N for

>> Again Chorus

Exchange won’t exist in a bubble
if you think that it will you’re in trouble
add a site, one or two
and your perf will be through
unless you step up and decide that your app will just…

>> Again Chorus (last time)

uust AutoDiscover for me.
It’s just plain XML

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