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Windows as well as Windows Server has this small but great feature to mount ISO and VHD images locally. This makes certain scenarios much easier, like the VM Offline Patching explained in another article. In some situations, the operating system might not mount the image and return an error message instead:  Sorry, there was a


Virtual Machine Template Patching


Everyone knows it, as soon as a new virtual machine template has been created it’s already out of date because new important security hotfixes are available. These are not just small updates, those can get easily be a few hundred megabytes. However, to simplify new deployments, Microsoft at least releases regularly new ISO images which


Windows Azure Pack and it’s licensing


This article has been published recently in German but seems to be very interesting for a broader audience, why I decided to re-post it in English. Licensing is often a very important (and confusing) topic, especially when you’re designing a new infrastructure or service. With the growing adoption of virtualization in the datacenter, Microsoft has


Microsoft Azure Stencils for Microsoft Visio


If you write architecture guides for Microsoft Azure on a regular basis, you might be interested to use the stencils for Microsoft Visio. You can download the new Azure symbol / icon set to create technical materials, things like architecture diagrams, training materials, presentations, datasheets, infographics, and whitepapers. The symbols are available in PPT, Visio and PNG


2015 a new year, a new way of blogging


First of all I wish everyone a happy new year and all the best for 2015. This will again be one of the very interesting years as Microsoft is working hard on the next wave of Windows, Windows Server, System Center and Windows Azure Pack. Not to forget Azure, which will continue to introduce lot


Neues Hybrid Networking Planning Dokument


Noch im alten Jahr wurde ein hilfreiches Dokument veröffentlicht, welches sich dem Thema “Hybrid Networking” annimmt. Center of Excellence Kollege und Networking Guru Kunal Bhatia war Co-Author.  This document provides an overview of Microsoft Azure networking capabilities for hybrid environments. Microsoft Azure Virtual Networking enables you to create logically isolated networks in Azure and securely